District Leadership Committee/Building Leadership Committees

District Leadership Committee (DLC)

The DLC consists of representatives from  district administration, school administration, faculty and parents. Representatives are selected from the Building Leadership Committee at each school.

The mission of the District Leadership Committee is to identify overarching goals for the district, to create district-wide strategies for reaching those goals, and to assess progress in meeting them. The group meets twice every year, in the fall and in the spring.

Building Leadership Committees (BLC)

Each school in the district has a Building Leadership Committee, a collaborative team of parents, teachers, students and administrators. The BLC meets throughout the year and is focused on strengthening and supporting instruction and the learning environment. The Building Leadership Committee contributes to building-level decision-making and is a sub-committee of the District Leadership Committee.

The goal of each school’s Building Leadership Committee is to implement the specific goals of the District Leadership Committee. Additional goals and objectives may be set within an individual building.

Parents and students are particularly encouraged to attend these meeting to learn more about goals, strategies and issues in their school.

Building Leadership Committee and District Leadership Committee meetings are always open to the public and are listed on the school calendar.