CV Specials teachers list Classroom links

on March 26, 2020

Attention students and parents – Central Valley’s Specials teachers provided links to their Google Classrooms to simplify logging in.

Below please find the access codes for Central Valley’s special area teachers, EXPAND and STEAM. Please reach out to your child’s special area teacher with any questions or if you are having difficulty accessing their Google Classroom page.

Art: Kelly

Grade 2: 5rlhsft
Grade 3: jq2a4rd
Grade 4: tcd22hq
Grade 5: gjgecas


Ms. Garling has created an online STEAM classroom for all the students at Central Valley.
She will post a STEAM activity for students each week in this Google Classroom. These activities are just for learning and fun!
To join, enter class code: oakw2oy

EXPAND: Garling

Grade 3: lqtoia6
Grade 4: emw3qbw
Grade 5: iaevo6e

Health: Beyer

Grade 2: 4bgu23p
Grade 3: tcb2inj
Grade 4: xncjvng
Grade 5: 5xkcg16

Library: Miller

Grade 2: uqruiau
Grade 3: ytxli4m
Grade 4: fdiusrr
Grade 5: cyt6t4t

Music: Russell

Grade 2 (shared): bgsw5pw
Grade 3: zui7ma5
Grade 4: 5nvjvda
Grade 5: wcjezr5

Orchestra: George

Grade 4: dkqvibe
Grade 5: e5k3nqj

Band: Lang

Grade 4: klyguen
Grade 5: nrevwv4

Physical Education: Ryan/Natoli

Grades 2/3: pkei6l6
Grades 4/5: 4xvrbzd