Menu Content and Allergen Information

M-W Food Services prides itself on sourcing the most healthy food options available to serve in its cafeterias.  For example, the district is engaged in a pilot project to use locally grown produce from a USDA approved farm in Florida, NY increasing both freshness and flavor of ingredients while supporting an area farm.

Students are encouraged to be health conscious and the district works to partner with them by serving nutritionally sound meals in its cafeterias. The increase in celiac disease, an allergy to gluten in the diet, has meant an increase in requests for gluten free food options as well.

For these reasons, the district maintains a listing of nutrition information and food allergens which may be present in cafeteria meal items as well as a listing of gluten free options. Every effort is made to keep the information in the listings below as current as possible. Students or parents with concerns about the allergens or gluten levels in menu items should contact Food Services at 845-460-6110 for additional information. Lists of menu items with nutritional data and allergens are available in PDF format from Food Services.