Paying for cafeteria meals

Students may pay with cash at any time. Parents/guardians may also choose to create a convenient prepaid account for each student.

Prepaid Accounts

Prepaid accounts are not required.  Each school has a computerized system that allows parents/guardians to pay in advance for breakfast or lunch.  Because it is based on the student ID number, the account is secure and can be used only by that student. At mealtime, the student will enter their five digit student ID# at the register.  The computer will record the sale and deduct the amount from any prepaid balance in the student’s account.

Students may prepay for meals weekly or monthly, and those meals will be deducted from the account as they are used.  If the student is eligible for either free or reduced price meals, prepayment can be made for reduced price meal charges and for ala carte items which are not eligible for reduced prices.

Refund Request

A refund of money in the student account can be requested at any time using the Food Services Refund Request Form found on the Forms page. Submit the form to Food Services and a check will be mailed to the address provided on the form.

At the end of each school year, any money left in the account is carried over from one grade to the next, and from one school to the next.  Upon graduation, or at any time before that, a refund of the balance may be requested by completing the Food Services Refund Request on the Forms page.

Payment Options

1. Cash

Cash is always accepted by the cashier on the meal line. There is no requirement that students prepay into an account.

2 – Check

Advance payments to a prepaid account may be made by check, sent in with the student and delivered to the cashier in the cafeteria.  Please:

  • Make checks payable to:  Monroe-Woodbury Food Services
  • Write the student’s full name and student identification number on the check
  • The Food Service Department will notify parents when their child’s account is negative and payment is required.

3 – Use TITAN to prepay

Titan Food Services is a Meal Account Management Service contracted by the school district. The district does not profit from the use of this service.  It is provided solely for the convenience of families.

Features of Titan

  • available online 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to allow parents to review meal accounts at any time
    • monitor the student’s meal choices
    • view a report of daily spending and cafeteria purchases
    • check the meal account balance
    • receive low balance email notifications
    • transfer money from one child to another
    • apply online for Free and Reduced Price Meals
  • online deposits by MasterCard, VISA and Discover can be made directly into the student’s account
  • automatic credit card payments can be triggered when the balance is low
  • PLEASE NOTE: a processing fee of $2.20 per deposit per child is paid to Titan Food Services
    • There is no fee to create an account to monitor a student’s cafeteria spending and receive low balance emails

To register for TITAN:

  1. Go to to create an account.
  2. Use the Instructions below: