Medical Exemption from Physical Education or Sports Participation

The New York State Education Department requires student participation in physical education classes unless a health issue makes it inadvisable for short periods of time. Our physical education program can be adapted to meet specific needs, however, a doctor’s note with activity restrictions and the expected time period for restricted activity must be presented to the nurse. Written parent notes will be accepted for one or two class sessions, but periodic, repeated or more lengthy excuses require medical validation. The nurse’s office will notify the student’s physical education teacher, coach and the athletic trainer as applicable.

The required form, the Modification of Physical Education Activity Form, can be found under Nurse’s Office Forms on our Forms page.

Students should report to their physical education teacher even if they are unable to participate in class.  The teacher will inform the student how credit for the class will be earned.  Typically students will be required to research and write an essay or perform some other classwork while unable to participate in Physical Education.

Students who have a medical exemption must have written clearance from a doctor to return to full activity.

Remember, participation in Physical Education is mandatory to meet graduation requirements.