School safety questions from the community

Community members will find questions related to the safety and security of M-W students and staff outlined on this page. The content will be updated as questions and concerns are shared. Please email safety related questions to [email protected]. As always, you are encouraged to contact your building principal or Frank Squillante, chief emergency officer (contact information below).

Questions from the community related to school safety

Q:  Is the district considering bullet proofing glass and doors?
A: The district has installed safety and security window film in various locations in our buildings. It is designed to absorb blunt impact and explosive force, greatly reducing the risk of glass failure and unwanted entry. The window glass remains in place even after taking repeated and severe impacts. This initiative slows down attempts of unwanted access and the film is tinted for concealment.

Q: Has the district increased police presence at schools as a result of the Florida shooting?
A: Our students and staff are accustomed to seeing members of the local and state law enforcement in our buildings on a regular basis. The district has a very good relationship with our law enforcement partners who conduct routine walk-through and patrols of our campuses. They participate in all our drills and provide critical critique and input. Though we did not increase our police presence after the tragedy in Florida, members of law enforcement are always an important part of our safety team here in the district.

Q:  Has the school’s active shooter plans been evaluated by the Sheriff’s office?  How often is it evaluated?
A: The Sheriff’s office is aware of our “active shooter” plans and our Standard Response Protocol (SRP). The Sheriff’s office has attended several Community Awareness Emergency Response (CAER) meetings at our district as well as participated in training and table top exercises hosted by us. The district is appreciative of our partners in law enforcement and the insights and expertise they bring to the table.

Q: After shootings at other schools, is there a “lessons learned” by that school district with others throughout the country to determine what could have been done better?

A: There is always a lesson learned and we debrief and discuss with other districts and continue to adjust our efforts to remain diligent and proactive.

Q: Is there any discussion on what could be done as a “preventative measure” as opposed to what is done “during the event”?
A: There are many factors that must be considered when evaluating why these things happen: the discussion related to the diagnosis and treatment of mental health issues and handling of such information has come to the forefront in recent years. The phrase “see something/say something” needs to be transformed into “see something/do something!” There is still much work to be done.

Q: Are social media sites of kids with known behavioral issues monitored by the school district or the local police?
A: Currently, the school district relies on the students/community to report information from social media. We work closely with law enforcement to assist in identifying threats, while maintaining privacy. The new Anonymous Alerts reporting app will provide students, staff, parents and community members another way of sharing information anonymously.

Q: Is there a follow up with kids who are expelled or have disciplinary issues on a regular basis to ensure their mental health is stable?
A: District teams consisting of social workers, psychologists and counselors work together to conduct these evaluations.  

Q: Are kids encouraged in school “if they see something, say something?”  Confidential tip line?
A: See Something/Say Something is always encouraged. The new Anonymous Alerts initiative will give people another way of sharing information. Visit to learn more.

Contact Information

  • Frank Squillante, chief emergency officer: [email protected]
    845-460-62oo, ext. 7039
  • John Kaste, Monroe-Woodbury High School principal: [email protected]
    845-460-7000, ext. 7002
  • Michael Maesano, Monroe-Woodbury Middle School principal: [email protected]
    845-460-6400, ext. 6401
  • Christine Arlt, Central Valley Elementary School principal: [email protected]
    845-460-6700, ext. 6701
  • Joseph Coto, North Main Elementary School principal: [email protected]
    845-460-6800, ext. 6801
  • Bryan Giudice, Pine Tree Elementary School principal: [email protected]
    845-460-6900, ext. 6901
  • Karen Brock, Sapphire Elementary School principal: [email protected]
    845-460-6500, ext. 6502
  • Christopher Berger, Smith Clove Elementary School principal: [email protected]
    845-460-6300, ext. 6302