Bus Safety Handbook

Safety RulesMonroe-Woodbury buses drop high school students off at the high school.

All students are expected to:

  • Follow the driver’s instructions the first time given.
  • Not yell, scream, or curse on the bus.
  • Remain seated, keeping arms inside the bus.
  • Not eat or drink anything on the bus.
  • Always wait for the driver’s signal before crossing the street

Seat Belt Policy

On small buses, all students (K-12) are expected to wear their seat belts while riding.

On large buses, we suggest our passengers buckle up, but leave the decision up to their parents.

Babysitter Policy

The district will transport students to a babysitter providing the following requirements are met:

  • A Babysitter Form must be on file with the district.
  • The sitter you choose must live within your school’s attendance zone.
  • Sitter arrangements can be for the morning, afternoon or both, but they must be the same every day in the afternoon. We cannot transport to different locations on different days.


  • For safety reasons, please provide a bookbag for your child’s belongings. Loose items can cause injuries and tempt students to reach under the bus to retrieve things.

Transporting equipment on the bus

  • All objects including musical instruments, must fit on the child’s lap.
  • Absolutely no animals, fish, or sharp objects are allowed.
  • Sports equipment such as hockey sticks or baseball bats, must be carried in equipment bags.


 Please choose jackets and coats without draw strings and please avoid the “yellow raincoat” which may not be visible to the bus driver alongside the bus.

Bus Stops

Most bus stops are at neighborhood intersections. Bus stops are evaluated for safety and proximity to student homes by our staff.

Elementary students may walk up to 1/2 mile to school or to bus stops.

Bus Stop Pickup Procedure

It is important that drivers observe students as they approach the bus stop in the morning. Please arrange to have your child at the stop 5 minutes before ordinary pickup time.

If your child is late, please do not let him/her run to catch the bus. The driver may not see him/her and might pull away just as your child reaches the bus.

For this same reason, please do not try to transfer your child to the bus along the route if he/she misses the bus.

Bus Stop Dropoff Procedure

In the afternoon, when the bus is on a normal dismissal schedule, drivers are expected to drop students off whether parents are present or not (except for children with disabilities).

Please make arrangements and discuss with your child what he/she should do if a parent does not meet the bus.

If you do meet the bus and your child must cross the road, please cross the road with him/her, following the bus driver’s signal.

Safety Drills

Our District has an extensive bus safety program which includes classroom and on-the-bus safety drill instructions, special programs, evacuation drills, and a number of incentive programs.