Elementary Special Olympians honored at June 15 Board meeting

on June 16, 2016

Introduced by Eric Eulau, Director of Special Education, the award ceremony began with a chorus of Smith Clove students and high school senior Alejandro Jimenez singing “See Me Beautiful”. Mr Eulau expressed appreciation for the many people who made it possible for Monroe-Woodbury to host the first ever Orange County Elementary Special Olympics competition on March 5, 2016. Over 400 volunteers supported the competition which included teams from Cornwall, Middletown, OU BOCES, Valley Central, Washingtonville, and our own M-W Crusaders.

Board of Education members with Elementary Special Olympics team members

The Board of Education and Superintendent Rodriguez congratulating members of the Elementary Special Olympics team


The Board congratulated the members of the Monroe-Woodbury Elementary Special Education team on their dedication and hard work and the many medals they won at the competition. For highlights of the team at the Orange County Elementary Special Olympics competition, check out the video!