Friday was a busy day in Washington DC – LEAD update!

on February 4, 2017

Studetns are Martin Luther King MemorialOn Friday the group continued with sightseeing by beginning the day visiting the Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial.  Here students were able to read 14 Quotes from Dr. King’s sermons, speeches and writings.  Prominently displayed on the statue is, “Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope” from his “I have a dream” speech.  Next the group visited the U.S. Capitol Building where the group learned about a small portion of the extensive history associated with the building.  This included information about the rotunda, statues and paintings that are displayed in the U.S. Capitol building.  Before beginning the tour, the group viewed a short movie about our government.  After the movie, we met with our tour guide “Walt” who provided each group member with a receiver and headphones that were used to hear him during the tour.  On the tour we visited the “crypt” which is the circular room below the Rotunda.   There are 40 columns made from sandstone that are the support system for the Rotunda.  Displayed in the crypt are 13 statues.  Included in these is Robert R. Livingston representing NY.  Livingston was one of the 5 drafters of the Declaration of Independence.  In the center of the room is a compass star which we were told was used as a center point to layout the streets of Washington D.C.   The group continued to the Rotunda, Statuary Hall and the Senate Gallery.  After the U.S. Capitol Building, the group visited the Library of Congress.Students outside the US Capitol

Next the group took a short bus ride to the Newseum.  The Newseum promotes, explains and defends free expression and the five freedoms of the First Amendment: religion, speech, press, assembly and petition.   While visiting the Newseum, students viewed a 4D movie about the history of news as well as seeing other exhibits.  Most notable was Berlin Wall Gallery where a small section of the wall is displayed and the “Inside Today’s FBI”.

Before beginning the LEAD conference, the group had dinner at the Hard Rock Café.  Students were able to walk around during dinner to see the memorabilia displayed throughout the restaurant.

The evening general session kicked off with Key Note Speaker Eddie Slowikowsi who presented, “The Treasure is YOU: Discover your 3:58 – How to Create Success in Under Four Minutes.”  He spoke about how each person has the ability to take charge of their life and develop true greatness for the future.  After this, students went to their pre-assigned groups to participate in activities.  Each group had students from MW with students from several other schools.

Saturday morning started off with a group picture before breakfast.  After breakfast the group attended the morning general session, where Heather Schultz centered her presentation on the Boy Scouts rule:  Leave the campground cleaner then you found it; intentionally improve the campground for the next group of campers. She takes this to the next level by asking, “How, as student leaders, do we do that?”

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students and chaperones at Library of Congress

Outside the Library of Congress


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