Heroin Forum to take place at Minisink HS on Oct. 19 at 6:30 p.m.

on October 10, 2017

Orange County District Attorney David M. Hoovler is sponsoring two countywide forums on the heroin epidemic that is currently gripping this area and the rest of the country. The events, entitled The Opioid Crisis: A Public Forum on Education, Treatment, and Law Enforcement, will center on District Attorney Hoovler’s Connect 2 Disconnect opiate-awareness campaign. The next forum will take place at Minisink High School on Thursday, October 19.

The forum will begin at 6:30 p.m. and is expected to last approximately 90 minutes. The event will include presentations from the District Attorney; Orange County Sheriff Carl DuBois; Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus; Orange County Court Judge Robert Freehill; Darcie Miller, Orange County Commissioner of Social Services and Mental Health; and James Conklin, Executive Director of the Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Council of Orange County.

The forum brings together law enforcement, county government, drug-abuse educators, treatment providers, and the segment of the judiciary that deals with drug issues. The forums will provide valuable information to parents, children, educators and other professionals about the scope of the heroin epidemic in our area, the dangers of heroin use, the signs that a loved one might be addicted to heroin, the strategies for dealing with heroin addiction, treatment alternatives, and the legal implications of possessing heroin. The forum is open to everyone.

“The opiate crisis is the greatest challenge we face,” said District Attorney Hoovler, “and defeating this epidemic will require the concerted efforts of many. Indeed, it is becoming increasingly  apparent  that  we  must  attack  the  epidemic  on  multiple  fronts,  that  education, treatment, and law enforcement in isolation from each other will not be enough. I, Sheriff DuBois, County Executive Neuhaus, and all of County government are committed to fighting the war against opiates on all of those fronts. We are committed to educating people to stay off drugs, and to getting people who are addicted to drugs the treatment that they need. And we are committed to taking down drug dealers, so that they cannot addict our citizens or destroy our communities. These forums support the education and treatment aspects of our battle against opiates. I invite everyone to attend and to pass the invitation along to others in their  communities, so that as many of our citizens as possible might take home this valuable information.”