HS/MS students honored at Sojourner Truth Awards Program

on March 11, 2019

Sojourner Truth award winners pose with district leaders. At this year’s Sojourner Truth Awards Program, held at SUNY Orange on Friday, March 8,  a total of 35 M-W students, including 21 middle school students and 14 high school students, were recognized for their accomplishments.

This ceremony recognizes the achievements of deserving Orange County youth in the areas of Athletics, Citizenship, Creative Arts, Diversity, English Language Arts, Foreign Languages, Mathematics, Perseverance/Effort, Sciences and Technology.

For the past 28 years, Orange County Community College has honored Sojourner Truth by holding an awards ceremony in her name. Sojourner Truth lived in the mid-Hudson Valley region after escaping from slavery and is hailed as one of the most distinguished and highly-regarded women of the 19th century.

Congratulations to these hard working students!

  • Ayaan Ahmed, MS, Perseverance/Effort
  • Karina Aviles, HS, Perseverance/Effort
  • Dmytro Baranovich, MS, Perseverance/Effort
  • Tori Bennett, HS, English Language Arts
  • Jordan Brown, MS, Math
  • Emely Carranza, MS, Citizenship
  • Amir Cochrane, MS, Perseverance/Effort
  • Andrelee D’Avilar, MS, Perseverance/Effort
  • Christelle Delaleau, HS, English Language Arts
  • Daveas Espinal, HS, Athletics
  • Christian Garner, HS, Athletics
  • Kelli Gatlin, HS, Athletics
  • Layla Greene, MS, Citizenship
  • Sebastian Hazel, MS, Perseverance/Effort
  • Carlos Hernandez, MS, Citizenship
  • Eduardo Herrera, HS, English Language Arts
  • Abigail Jeangilles Jimenez, MS, Perseverance/Effort
  • Omar Lawrence, HS, Mathematics
  • Sophie Marseille, MS, Perseverance/Effort
  • Angelina Martinez, MS, Pergseverance/Effort
  • Jenna Martinez, MS, Sciences
  • Geraldine Martinez-Romero, HS, English Language Arts
  • Laila Mustafa, MS, Sciences
  • Nadia Nieves, HS, Perseverance/Effort
  • Deborah Oke, HS, Mathematics
  • Miriam Oke, HS, Mathematics
  • Leonardo Paomino, HS, Perseverance/Effort
  • Alyssa Ray, MS, Citizenship
  • Manny Remache Romero, MS, Citizenship
  • Isaiah Taborn, MS, Citizenship
  • Emily J. Taveras, MS, Mathematics
  • Mwelwa Tetteh-Nartey, HS, Mathematics
  • Jason Toxqui, MS, Perseverance/Effort
  • Brendan Tsang, HS, Perseverance/Effort
  • Lauren Widjajawiguna, MS, Perseverance/Effort