High school to host M-W CARES Day – October 26, 2018

on February 23, 2018

C.A.R.E.S. logo with two handsOn October 26, 2018, Monroe-Woodbury High School will be holding the first-ever M-W CARES. (Compassion, Acceptance, Respect, Empowerment, Success) Day for high school students and staff. More than 100 presenters will be sharing their inspirational stories of how they have overcome personal challenges to achieve a healthy, positive outlook on life. Their real life experiences will serve to bring hope and inspiration to the students of M-W High School.

Students will attend four sessions, selected in advance, hear one keynote speaker and attend a general assembly.

“As educators, we spend a lot of time talking to our students about the challenges they will face in life. Many of them are grappling with difficult issues as teenagers. The inspiration behind M-W CARES is our desire to help our children better understand that there is always help and support, even when they feel all hope is lost. These powerful speakers will touch them and hopefully change the way they approach life moving forward,” said Monroe-Woodbury High School Principal John Kaste.

The keynote speaker for Grades 9 & 10 will be former WWE Wrestling Champion Marc Mero. Mero’s compelling message evokes personal reflection, laughter and tears – and most importantly, personal transformation as he presents the topics of bullying, peer pressure, substance abuse and suicide prevention.

The keynote speaker for Grades 11 & 12 will be Tara Conner, a former Miss USA,  who tells her personal story about the walls she created as a young child and her strive for perfectionism. She shares details of her journey to break down those walls that she built as a child, and how to simply accept herself as being perfectly imperfect. She also speaks to enlighten audiences on understanding the disease of addiction, its harmful stigma and the real beauty of recovery.

All students will also attend the general assembly featuring Kaila Mullady, a world champion beatboxer, actress, producer, educator and social entrepreneur. Kaila will present Finding Your Voice: Musings From a World Champion Beatboxer.

Kaila’s lively and electrifying talk – part lecture and part performance – offers a freewheeling, intimate look at her journey through the often-challenging landscape of the male-dominated beatbox culture, how she made it to the top despite the odds being stacked against her, and the vital importance of owning her unique strengths and differences to stand out, thrive and achieve her goals.

Among the topics to be discussed throughout the day’s workshops are:

  • Depression
  • Drug Addiction/Substance Abuse
  • Overcoming physical disabilities
  • Suicide
  • Family violence
  • LGBTQ awareness and support
  • Overcoming learning disabilities
  • Forgiveness
  • Survivors – Holocaust; 9/11/01; Israel/suicide bomb; Oklahoma city bombing; Boston Marathon bombing; WWII Concentration Camp liberator; Virginia Tech shooting
  • Anti-bullying/sexting
  • Empowerment/perseverance
  • Dating violence
  • Parents of Sandy Hook Elementary victim
  • Civic Engagement
  • Drunk Driving
  • Living with AIDS

For a complete list of speakers and brief bios, please visit the CARES page on the Monroe-Woodbury Central School District website.

“Today’s high school age students deal with many pressures at school and outside of our buildings. As a district, we want to arm them with information and resources that will help them cope and be successful, healthy individuals who in turn make a difference in our community. Talking about these types of tough topics at school will then lend itself to conversations at home. If we can make a difference in just one life today, then it is all worth it,” said Superintendent of Schools Elsie Rodriguez.

Bringing an event of this magnitude to Monroe-Woodbury requires a commitment from the district, as well as support from local organizations and businesses.  The day is projected to cost about $125,000. Organizers have received commitments of approximately $55,000. Event organizers are reaching out to the community for support of this meaningful event.

Sponsorship levels include:

• Showcase sponsors: $25,000 and higher (Sponsors recognized in signage, media, keynote acknowledgement and special recognition in event program)

• T-shirt sponsor: $15,000 (Company name displayed on T-shirt, sponsors get special recognition in event program) All students, staff and presenters will be given a shirt.

• M-W CARES sponsors: $5,000 to $24,999 (Sponsors get media recognition and special recognition in event program)

• Swag bag sponsor: $7,500 (Each speaker receives a bag, sponsors get special recognition in the event program)

• Event program sponsor: $4,000 (Company name displayed on program’s back cover)

• Community sponsors: Under $2,500 (Recognition in event program)

Businesses, organizations and individuals who want to financially support or learn more about the day should email M- W High School Principal John Kaste at [email protected] or call 460-7000, extension 7001.

“We are excited to share the information about our day because we want our students, our families and our community to share our enthusiasm that Monroe-Woodbury High School is hosting this first-of- its-kind event in our area, county and maybe even New York,” said Dawn Tauber, M-W CARES chair. “The speakers are powerful and inspirational and will all contribute to our CARES message.”


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