HS students present research, alumni video during annual Science Research Symposium

on June 3, 2021

Several years of work culminate on one evening for MWHS Science Research students. The High School Science Research course is offered through SUNY Albany’s University in the High School Program. Students in their sophomore year select a topic of research that interests them, and then design and conduct an original experiment. Their work is mentored through the remainder of their sophomore and junior years. As seniors, students complete a research paper detailing their findings, and may also submit their work to a variety of prestigious scientific competitions.

This year’s virtual Science Research Symposium was held on Thursday, May 20, during which seniors orally presented their completed research. This year’s program also included a video featuring M-W alums who share how the course shaped their pursuits after high school. The video was produced as part of a midterm assignment for current seniors in the program.  Each senior contacted an M-W Science Research alumnus and conducted a brief interview of their experience in the program.  The seniors then produced the video and shared it with current junior and sophomore research students in May.  The first public showing of the video was during the symposium on May 20. Check it out!

2020-2021 MWHS Science Research students:

Seniors: Allison Ampel, Emma Bernstein, Rhea Kaw, Sheena Kaw, Jack Kralik, Taha Malik, Chloe Saldanha, Jai Sethi, Kayla Singh, Brian Whitfield

Juniors: Varun Gambhir, Khushi Girish, Maya Holguin, Varsha Jegan, Emily Medina-Finsen, Kaitlyn Nolan, Stephanie Peng, Peyton Sale, Michael Shapiro, Aman Shetty

Sophomores: Jamie Calub, Abigail Connolly, Leanne Fernandes, Anthony Kaminskiy, Eun Seo Lee, Joeun Lee, Jenna Matise, Olivia Miller, Visakhi Miriyapalli, Laila Mustafa, Isabella Rogozinski, Ashok Sathiyamoorthy, Rohan Sonakya, Emily Taveras, Audrey Whitfield

Congratulations to all the Senior Science Research students, especially the Class of 2021!