IBM engineers meet Technology students

on March 22, 2019

On Friday March 15, eighth grade Technology classes met with three IBM computer engineers, all of whom have children who are students in the district. Mr. Anastos, Mr. Ghali and Mr. Molino presented information about computer engineering and the wide range of employment opportunities available within STEM fields. During the presentation, students learned how Microsoft engineers solved the major overheating problem occurring with Xbox gaming consoles, which was a familiar topic for eighth graders.

The eighth grade STEMgineers were then challenged with an engineering activity called “Collecting Toxic Waste.” Students were presented with materials including rulers, small cups, brass fasteners, rubber bands, and foam to asked to create a device that could transport “hazardous” materials from one bin to another bin. The goal of the activity was to design a device, based on simple engineering principles, that could move as many objects of different sizes and shapes as possible within 30 seconds. Students worked collaboratively in teams to create, modify and redesign their devices to win the challenge in each class. Teamwork, creativity, problem-solving and a timed contest made for a perfect activity. Many thanks to IBM,  Mr. Anastos, Mr. Ghali and Mr. Molino for a great day of classes!