Kindergarten student spreads love one book at a time

on May 6, 2020

Kindergarten student and mom pose with donated books.Two lessons we have learned from Maeve, a Sapphire kindergarten student: 1. One person, even one as young as a kindergartner, can make a HUGE difference. 2. The Monroe-Woodbury family is extraordinary (we already knew that, but this story was a nice reminder).

When schools officially closed, Maeve enjoyed watching teachers read stories on Facebook. She asked her mom, Smith Clove teacher, Mrs. Adler, if she could read stories on Facebook too. To inspire her, Mrs. Adler donated a penny for each “like” she received from viewers. Maeve’s reading caught on and before they knew it, people started matching Mrs. Adler’s donations. That led to someone else offering to hold an Usborne book party, the proceeds of which went to Maeve’s “book drive.” All along, Maeve’s goal was to share her love of reading and give away some books to other M-W students.

Donated books from kindergarten student.What started out small…four books to various families…led to $880 worth of books! What?!

Once Smith Clove PTA got wind of what Maeve was doing, they donated their book fair credit of $200 to purchase more books. In addition, Central Valley and Pine Tree teachers ordered books appropriate for fourth and fifth graders and shipped them to Maeve.  More than anything, Maeve looked forward to surprising other students with new books to read while at home.

Thank you, Maeve, for reminding us that Crusader spirit is alive in even the youngest of our M-W students. Books have been shared with love to families throughout the district.