Let’s take a walk! Second graders learn firsthand about community

on October 25, 2018

Mrs. LoBrutto and Mrs. McGowan’s second grade classes went on a walking tour of Monroe. They learned a lot along the way! 

Here is their Community Walk diary (or watch the brief video):

First, we visited Monroe’s Village Hall, where the citizens of our community come together at meetings and help make decisions about the community. We were even able to meet Mayor Neil Dwyer. He talked to us about the history of Monroe and his role in the community. Next, we visited the Monroe Police Station. Officer Gatto gave us a tour and we learned all about where the police officers do their paperwork, monitor the community and keep us safe. We even got to go into a police car and see the lights and hear the sirens!!!

Then, we walked by the movie theater. We really wanted to stop in for a quick flick, but we had to head to our next stop.

After that, we stopped by the library. We talked about how it is a great place to borrow books to read and grow as readers. We could even stop in some time and research more about our community there!!

Finally, we walked by Amendola’s Pizza and picked up a menu. It made us hungry for lunch so we headed back to school.