Little Miracles Preschool registration open for 2020-21 school year

on April 15, 2020

Little Miracles is an on-site preschool located in Monroe-Woodbury High School is part of the Early Childhood Education curriculum. High school sophomores, juniors and seniors enrolled in Early Childhood Education courses, under the direction of faculty members Mrs. Pirraglia and Mrs. Garvey, plan lessons, prepare materials and serve as teachers. This eleven-week program is in operation every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with exact dates and time determined according to the high school class schedule each year.

Complete online registration form.

Details for parents and guardians:

  • Children should be four years old before the program begins and must be up to date with their immunizations.
  • The program is free of charge and open to all four-year-olds residing in the Monroe-Woodbury School District.
  • Registration Forms are due in late May for Fall classes. Deadlines and information are posted on the Little Miracles page on the district website.

Fall 2020 Registration Deadline: May 29, 2020

Parents will receive email notifications concerning their application, so it is important that a valid email address be provided on the registration form.

If there are more registrations than openings, a lottery will be held to select students.

Please complete the Little Miracles Registration Form

Little Miracles Philosophy

  • Teenagers and preschoolers are an appropriate match when creating an Early Childhood Education environment.
  • Teenagers and children learn from each other.
  • A child thrives in an environment that addresses the five areas of a child’s development: intellectual, emotional, physical, social and moral.
  • Positive attention, caring and encouragement help build positive self-esteem.
  • Positive self-esteem is key to the success of the learner.
  • Learning is a continuous process and involves active participation.
  • Teaching children self-help skills leads to independence.