M-W alumna produces “A Child’s Life During a Pandemic” PSA

on December 25, 2020

Class of 2017 Alumni Rosie BaptieBack when Rosie Collopy, a 2017 MWHS graduate and M-Dub TV Morning Show alumna, was taking video production classes with Mr. Truett and Mrs. Bailey, she had no idea the impacts these classes would have on her future career choices. Now a student at SUNY New Paltz studying video production, Rosie and her classmates have produced a powerful mask-wearing PSA, which has been featured in the local news.

Read on to learn more about Rosie, what M-W experiences influenced her career choices and who the adorable stars of her video are.

Q: Tell us about your time at M-W: What classes did you take that helped shape your decision to pursue a career in digital production at New Paltz? Any teacher/class that made a great impact?
A: I really enjoyed my time at M-W. Originally I had planned to become an algebra teacher but after I taught a semester at a private school I found it unfulfilling. While looking for a new direction in life I looked back on my time at school. I realized that I had enjoyed my video production classes the most. Mr. Truett and Mrs. Bailey taught me a lot in my basic and advanced video classes and I really enjoyed the subject opting to take two years of the morning show. I have made videos since I was a kid and improved my skills in these classes so I decided this would be the best career path for me.

Q: How did the concept for the mask video come about?
A: Working with my partners Zach Traver and Marie Ghunney in our field production class we decided that the topic of wearing masks was important at this time. Cases are going up again and if we are not safe in public, children will have to grow up with this as their normal.

Q: Any stories to share about the production process. Who was your “star?”
A: For production we met at Smith Clove in the A.M. on a weekend and then filmed at my parents’ house for the indoor shots. We only had a couple hours to film before it got sunny so we were in a time crunch. Luckily the stars of the video my twin cousins Christian and Joseph Towsley were great and the production finished just in time.

Q: Any advice for current students who are considering the same type of career?
A: Advice I would give for current students considering the same type of career is to create as often as you can and your work will improve the more you practice.