M-W alumnus sends “Greetings from Germany” and a request for 1985 yearbook

on March 16, 2021

It all started with an email received by the school district in November 2020, and ends with smiles and a reminder that the memories made during the years at MWCSD stay with our alums always!

MWHS Class of 1985 LUMNUAHello,

My name is Heiner Berghaus and I was an exchange student at Monroe Woodbury High School in 1984/1985 and graduated with a Regents diploma. After heavy rains last year, the basement of our house was flooded and I lost my yearbook. Since I still have so many good memories about my time in the states and at your school, the loss of the yearbook really makes me sad!

Is there any chance you can help me? Thank you very much in advance.

Greetings from Germany,
Heiner Berghaus

Finally, after multiple searches, the school district found an extra copy of the 1985 yearbook and sent it to Dr. Berghaus in Germany.

Here is his reply:

Finally I have the yearbook from 1985 again after I lost mine. The book really helps me a lot to remember the fantastic year I spent at Monroe-Woodbury High School back in 1984/85. There are such great memories: The Lytus and the  Buermeyer Family, Soccer, Ski and Tennis teams. Boomer and Martin and all the other great guys I met and became friends with. Senior Prom, Graduation and the great parties afterwards. The farewell-event at the”club” in NYC. What a joy!

I really enjoyed this year very much and wish just the best for the High School, all the people that somehow are dealing with this school, and everyone who maybe can still remember me.

Take care!

Greetings from Germany,