M-W SEPTA awards over $3,000 in grants to faculty and staff

on January 29, 2018

M-W SEPTA’s mini-grants were created with the goal of helping enhance the learning environment for district students.  This year twenty applications were submitted by M-W faculty and staff, and fifteen were grant recipients. Some of the items that were purchased with the grants included sensory manipulatives, ball chairs, interactive games, ABA materials, Lego kits, and more.  These grants are a tribute not only to M-W SEPTA’s fundraising efforts, but also to their commitment to the district’s students.

This year’s M-W SEPTA mini-grant recipients were:

Liz Granberg
Bridget Dudzik
Trish Longinott
Maureen Gaffney and Amanda Montalvo
Nadine Finger
Lynn Cote
Cathy Sobel
Janelle Barsuhn
Jodi Cavanaugh
Tim Martin
Conor Hughes
Kaylyn Strysko
Erica Bacsardi
Kim DiCurcio

Congratulations to all!!