M-W teacher and family make “ear savers” for frontline workers

on April 13, 2020

Students create ear savers for essential workers.During this recent crisis, Mrs. Conklin, the Creative Crafts teacher at the high school, learned that essential employees wearing protective masks while working long shifts were suffering from ear pain caused by the mask elastic. She discovered that “ear savers” were being sought after to provide relief and she immediately knew she could help.  

By using buttons and ribbon, along with the sewing techniques she teaches in her Creative Crafts course, the materials quickly transform into comfort providing ear savers for our frontline workers. With the help of one of her Creative Crafts students, Faith DeNigris, Faith’s sister, MWMS student, Carlee DeNigris, and the entire DeNigris family, ear savers are being distributed to various area hospitals and medical offices.   

Creative Crafts is a popular course taught at MWHS that focuses on making enjoyable, functional art projects. The students learn to work in various mediums including clay, paper, yarn and fabric. Students create everything from paper mache masks and cell phone stands to baskets and bracelets. Some of the skills Creative Crafts students learn during the course are hand stitching and button sewing.

These outstanding students and their amazing teacher have also proven that the lessons learned in this course are literally valuable life skills. By generously sharing their time and talent, they are making lives better for others throughout our community. 

Directions for making ear savers for community donation: 

Ribbon should be 3 ½” to 4” in length.  Ends can be melted with a candle to prevent fraying.

Buttons between the size of a penny and a quarter work best.