Mason’s snack bags replenish energy and spirits of first responders

on April 15, 2020

A middle school students puts together snack bags for first responders.

Twelve-year-old Monroe-Woodbury Middle School student Mason Diltz wanted to do something special for our region’s first responders who are serving the frontline during the coronavirus pandemic. As he thought about the nurses, mid level practitioners and doctors who selflessly commit their time, energy and expertise each day, the idea of  creating “Mason’s snack bags” came to light.

Mason dedicated several days to compiling snack bags complete with water and healthy snacks. Mason’s hope is that these everyday heroes will take a moment and a cleansing breath, hydrate, eat a healthy snack and feel reenergized. This is Mason’s special way of recognizing the tireless efforts of these hard working first responders in the face of so much darkness. The snack bags are being donated to local healthcare providers.

Way to go, Mason. You truly reflect the character and spirit of Monroe-Woodbury.

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