Meet M-W Alumnus: John Fitzgerald, Class of 1976

on May 31, 2019

Where I live now

Franklin Park, NJ 08823
Married to Monica (25 years!) Daughter: Taylor 22 & Son: Brandon 18

Favorite Memories

Chorus trip, Musicals/Plays – Lead role (Padre) in Man of LaMancha
Games & Meets: Track & Field (Ran Hurdles, High Jump and Relays, Soccer – Defensive Halfback, Cross Country, Basketball)

Favorite Teachers

Both of these teachers had the gift and patience to inspire me to pursue music and art. I’m grateful to them both for showing me a path that soon after graduating quickly evolved into my careers:
Mr. Tony Frandino (Art)
Mr. John O’Claire (Music)

Fun Facts

Prom Prince in 1975 and Prom King in 1976


After graduation, I attended Orange County Community College and majored in Art and Music. I left OCCC after a year deciding to pursue music and was performing on the tri-state club circuit full-time, performing in several popular bands: SERAPH, TOYS, S.W.A.K., and XPLORER till 1984.

I had the pleasure to reunite onstage with my bandmates from Seraph in 2009 and recently with S.W.A.K. in 2018. We are very excited to be performing again together at the Reunion Gala on June 1st. Current members include John Viscardo (also MW alumni), with Larry Osborne, James Schaeffer and Ed Warren.

After giving music a good shot I decided to return to school and attended Parsons School of Design in NYC. I impressed my instructors who got me intern positions with Grey Advertising. I was then offered a full-time position with New York Telephone as a computer graphics artist. I was promoted quickly to Art Director and then Creative Director for NYNEX. In 1994, I married my soul-mate, Monica, I have two amazing kids, Taylor (22) and Brandon (18) and have been self-employed celebrating my 25th year in business as TheWorks! I specialize in multimedia production: Video, Audio, Animation, Print and Presentation Design, Web Design and Programming, App Development, Webinars/Video Conferencing/Streaming, E-Learning and Staging.

Besides reuniting occasionally onstage with Seraph and S.W.A.K. – I do perform frequently at local wineries in the New Jersey area with my acoustic project, the Winery Catz.

Some videos of me performing:
Good to Rock:
Benefit for Sandy:
Fitz and the Cats:
Winery Catz:

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