Meet M-W Alumnus: Ray Reilly, Class of 1973

on May 30, 2019

M-W alumni have a lasting connection to Monroe-Woodbury. Ray Reilly shares the nontraditional path he took when he graduated and how surprising his life has been. He celebrated his connection to M-W by creating the idea for the Mega-Reunion along with Peggy Hynes Porter.

MWHS Class of 1973 (MWHS Alumni Mega Reunion creator/coordinator)

Residence: Horse Farm in Gonic, New Hampshire

Favorite M-W High School Teacher:
Mr. Murray-very cool guy to hang out with.

Favorite Memory from M-W: Lunchtime – lots of great interaction with students

How Time at M-W Shaped My Future: M-W academically showed me I was not ready for college. If I started right away I would have been a casualty. I traveled and worked for four years. I came back to New York and I knew getting back to academics was going to be challenging. I started Harriman College in Harriman, NY because of the small class sizes. I only lived five miles away, however I chose to live on the campus to be more a part of the college experience and to stay focused on studying. If I lived at home I know I would not stay focused. I was right.

What I’m doing now:

I now own a Horse Farm with my wife in New Hampshire. That is her world.

Mine is putting on music fundraisers for organizations and groups that need assistance with money.

I’m also busy creating the M-W Mega Reunion

We are putting 50 years of alumni together, classes from 1959-2009, at a great outdoor venue, Rosmarins Day Camp in Monroe, NY on June 1, 2019. We wanted to do a special reunion; that is why we located 8 bands and 1 comedian – all of them M-W alumni to perform for us. There will be food trucks, summer activities, raffles for M-W scholarships as well as tours of former high schools and the current high school on Friday afternoon for the early birds.

M-W alumnus Ray Reilly

Ray back in the day.

M-W alumnus Reilly

Ray now!


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