Principal’s message regarding K-9 exercise

on January 16, 2018

Dear Monroe-Woodbury High School Parents and Guardians,

The first part of the Monroe-Woodbury Central School District mission statement reads that we are “committed to academic achievement and success for all students in a safe environment.” This letter is to inform you that today, in an effort to maintain this safe and secure environment, we invited local K-9 units to conduct training exercises at Monroe-Woodbury High School. Keeping our building safe does not mean that we only conduct fire, lockdown and sheltering drills.  We must also address the serious concern of teen drug use and abuse in our community.

Our high school provides education about the dangers of drug and alcohol use in our health and physical education classes. We have hosted guest speakers to present about current dangers and risks from drug abuse to students and to the community. Our invitation to have these K-9 units, that are trained in the detection of illegal drugs, sends a clear message that drugs and alcohol are not tolerated in our schools. Today’s visit was intentionally unannounced. The dogs were brought into the high school to check hallways, lockers, bathrooms, locker rooms, and other common areas.  Students did not come into contact with the dogs. The high school went into a “Hold in Place” so that classroom instruction could continue as the building check took place.

We hope that you will use this experience as an opportunity to discuss the dangers of alcohol, illegal drugs and prescription drug abuse with your child. We have many staff members available to support any of our students that find that they are in need of assistance, or that may need additional resources.

We realize that the majority of our students regularly make positive, healthy decisions. We believe strongly that Monroe-Woodbury High School is a great place for our students to learn and grow. This exercise took place to demonstrate how committed we all are to the health and safety of our students, and our school community.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


John S. Kaste
M-W High School Principal