Missed “How to be a Resilient Parent” presentation? Watch now!

on December 10, 2020

Cover Slide for iOpening Parenting Presentation


The Monroe-Woodbury Central School District recognizes that these are tough times for our families. As part of the district’s ongoing commitment to providing social-emotional support for students, families and staff, Monroe-Woodbury is partnering with iOpening Enterprises in a multi-year program to provide families with coping strategies, stress management tips and ways to unlock their potential.

Dr. Isaiah Pickens, CEO of iOpening Enterprises, presented “How to be a Resilient Parent/Guardian/Caregiver” to Monroe-Woodbury families on Tuesday, December 8. This online message was chock full of tips on how to manage stress, how to stay connected with children, and how to identify your best self even when faced with challenges. This presentation is part of the district’s long term commitment to supporting the social-emotional wellbeing of all Monroe-Woodbury families.

“Our students and their families have dealt with so much in these past months, most of which is completely out of our control,” said Superintendent of Schools Elsie Rodriguez. “My hope is that these presentations encourage our families and give them hope. Our school district will always put the wellbeing of our Monroe-Woodbury above all else. We will take this one day at a time, together.”