M-W CARES Day 2018 Keynote/Assembly Speakers

Headshot of Marc Mero, keynote speaker at M-W CARES Day.Keynote Speaker, Grades 9 & 10: Marc Mero, former WWE Wrestling Champion

Mero’s compelling message evokes personal reflection, laughter and tears – and most importantly personal transformation as he presents the topics of bullying, peer pressure, substance abuse and suicide prevention. Students are reached at a “heart-level” and are inspired to treat themselves and others with respect, dream big, achieve goals, and cherish relationships.

Keynote Speaker, Grades 11 & 12: Tara Conner, former Miss USAHeadshot of Tara Conner, keynote speaker at M-W CARES Day.

Tara tells her personal story, which examines the walls she created as a young child, and the development of her strive for perfectionism. She candidly shares her struggles from childhood and how she used perfectionism to protect herself. In Tara’s journey to recovery, she was able to see how this was one of her greatest shortcomings. She quickly realized that she could never find peace of mind because of the fact that she could never live up to the unrealistic expectations that she instilled on herself. Tara shares with other youth details of her journey to break down those walls that she built as a child, and how to simply accept herself as being perfectly imperfect.

Headshot of Kaila Mullady, who will present to all grades at M-W CARES Day.Assembly: Kaila Mullady – Finding Your Voice: Musings From a World Champion Beatboxer

Kaila Mullady is a world champion beatboxer, actress, producer, educator and social entrepreneur. At the heart of each of her performances is the boundary-pushing expression of the human instrument. Kaila’s lively and electrifying talk – part lecture and part performance – offers a freewheeling, intimate look at her journey through the often-challenging landscape of the male-dominated beatbox culture, how she made it to the top despite the odds being stacked against her, and the vital importance of owning her unique strengths and differences to stand out, thrive and achieve her goals.