Homework Hotline

The Middle School Homework Hotline is a recorded message from a teacher representing a specific house and grade level group. It is updated frequently with current homework assignments.

To hear the recordings:

  • dial 845-460-6490
  • a recorded message will inform you of the extension or box number to dial to hear the message
  • make a note of the extension number to avoid listening to the message each time you call
  • the extension number can be dialed without waiting for the message to play

Important note:

As more teachers use Google Classroom or teacher websites for assignments, fewer groups are recording messages on the Hotline. Teachers currently recording homework assignments are:

  • Grade 6 – Blue – Sarno and Seeley – box number 8612
  • Grade 7 – Yellow – Jhaver – Spanish teacher – box number 8752

Parents and guardians may wish to email their child’s teacher to ask if the Hotline will be used for that class.

Due to decreased use of the Hotline, it is expected that the Hotline will be discontinued on July 1, 2020.