Middle School Clubs and Activities

Please contact the club advisor via email for more information and meeting times.

Art Club

Advisor: Rebecca Doerfer

[email protected]
Art Club will meet virtually and engage in choice-based art activities with guided prompts. Student members will be guided through different drawing techniques and styles to enhance their skills as artists. Emphasis will be placed on exploration of materials, nature, group critiques, drawing, painting and sculpting and virtual field trips. Student members will be guided through finding inventive art materials from the world around them. For example, using natural pigments from the kitchen and from outside to paint. Design thinking and the creative process will be used for various art projects. Focus will be placed on finding inspiration, brainstorming ideas, creating artwork, critiquing, refining and reflecting. Learning how to communicate an idea visually helps children learn about themselves and the world around them. Art club will be a supportive outlet for student members to express themselves and form relationships with one another through the visual arts.
Classroom code: jo4nnkx
Meets virtually every Wednesday at 4:00 pm

Audio Visual Club

Advisor: Noreen Guerra

[email protected]
The AV Club supports clubs and events happening throughout the Middle School. We will create fun videos that will showcase all the events happening in the Middle School including Spirit Week, Go Gold, Red Ribbon and many others.
Will meet virtually

Chess Club

Advisor: Frank LaRonca

[email protected]
Forget Fortnite! Nevermind Super Mario Bros! X-box – who cares! Nintendo – no way! PlayStation – whatever! If you want to play the original classic strategy game, come join us in the Chess Club! New and experienced players are all welcome! Utilizing on-line chess platforms our focus will be on learning the game for new players, and on mastering important chess concepts that will not only develop your abilities as a player, but also help you learn to better meet some of life’s everyday challenges. It’s all about thinking ahead and planning, being patient, and gracefully learning from one’s mistakes. And, it’s FUN!
Classroom code: h52ddb3
We meet virtually every Tuesday from 3:00-4:00 pm

FBLA Middle Level – Future Business Leaders of America

Advisor: Mrs. J. Palkaunieks

[email protected]
Develop leadership skills while having fun participating in community service projects and leadership conferences. Membership is open to all students. FBLA is a national organization where students gain experience throughout their middle level, high school, collegiate and professional lives. As stated on the national website, “FBLA-PBL inspires and prepares students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences.”
Classroom code: jy23hix
Meets virtually every other Tuesday at 4:00 pm

Jazz Ensemble

Advisor: Ryan Walther

[email protected]
Jazz Ensemble is available to music students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. We use techniques already studied in your music ensembles in order to learn a variety of Jazz and Swing musical styles. This ensemble is comprised of the following instruments; Saxophones, Trumpets, Trombones, Drum Set, Piano, Electric Guitar and Electric Bass. We also accept other instruments, so please reach out to Mr. Walther for more information.
Meets virtually every Monday at 4:00 pm

Journalism Club

Advisors: Lindsay Gerard and Rachel Lujbli

[email protected], [email protected]
Are you interested in journalism? The newly formed Middle School Journalism Club is looking for members!

We will be focusing on highlighting the experiences and talents of our students while showcasing the culture of our community. Members will be asked to hone their writing and fine art skills by producing pieces based on journalism assignments as well as from their own experiences. Completed work will be submitted for editing and submission to the Photo News. Students will write creative pieces, conduct interviews, review events and businesses among many other things!
Class Code: ykhx6nv
Meets virtually twice a month and aim to submit to the Photo News at least once a month!

Odyssey of the Mind

Coach: Joanne McInerney and Lisa Iaccarino

[email protected], [email protected]
We will begin the season with virtual tryouts using Google Meet. After creating two teams of seven students, each team will have a Google Classroom and separate Google Meets. We will be able to work on spontaneous problems, come up with a plan to solve the long term problem, and create a virtual skit. Each team member will work on their own costume, in their homes, during our meeting times. Each member will be responsible for creating their own costume as well as their part of the set. As usual, groups will have one to two script writers. We will begin the season meeting three or four times a week for one to two hours at the end of the school day. Odyssey of the Mind has arranged for the 20-21 competitions to take place virtually or in person depending on the region, we will be following their virtual performance guidelines using their suggested methods.
Meets virtually Tuesdays and Thursdays

Purple Bridges

Advisor: Anthony DeFusto

[email protected]
Purple Bridges will get together via Google Meet. Open to all MS students grades 6-8. Students may be involved in other clubs and activities and attend Purple Bridges when their schedule permits. Students will be able to have discussions as they normally would, and topics will be chosen by them. Any additional activities beyond the discussion will be determined by the group and with consideration to school social distancing guidelines.
Classroom code: zpd3lzt
Meets virtually every other Thursday

Robotics Club

Advisor: Elizabeth Martorano

[email protected]
The Robotics Club will meet virtually through Google Meet after school once a week with Ms. Martorano. No coding experience is required to join the club, all are welcome! We will begin the club by establishing our virtual community; some members may have a background coding robots and will be able to assist those who are new to the experience. Together the students will work in groups – or as individuals, if they prefer – to complete robotic challenges and activities using a virtual software that works with the LEGO Mindstorms. Students will be able to contribute their knowledge and skills during our Google Meets, as well as through the various problem-solving activities that will be available for them to practice with at their own pace. The standard form of coding used with the LEGO Mindstorms is block coding, however, if students have mastered this style of coding, they can learn to code the robots using JavaScript.
Classroom code: arv7rek
Meets virtually Tuesdays

Roma Club

Advisor: Grace Davi

[email protected]
The Roma Club will be meeting virtually this year through Google Meet. All students are welcome to join. We will meet every other Tuesday and Wednesday from 3:00 – 4:00. This will allow all cohorts to attend. Some activities planned are virtual field trips based on the groups’ interests. For example, the planetarium, aquarium, Yellowstone National Park, Ellis Island, the zoo, volcanoes, museums, or a virtual trip to Italy! In the past, we have shared recipes (and food) from different cultures. We will continue doing so virtually with cooking videos and discussions. Students will also be able to play virtual board games, like pictionary.
Classroom code: roh25vc
Meets virtually every Tuesday and Wednesday from 3-3:30 pm

Sewing Club

Advisor: Stephanie Rizzi

[email protected]
The sewing club has traditionally been in the sewing room where we have 30 sewing machines. This year we are meeting virtually so students will have the option to create projects that can be sewn by hand or with a sewing machine (if they own one). Students will need to purchase their own sewing supplies which can cost anywhere from $10-$20. Ms. Rizzi will inform all members what the sewing kit needs to contain once the club meets. We will also learn about styling and fashion design. Students will learn how to style a “look” and they will learn about the famous designers who influenced fashion over time.
Meets virtually every Tuesday

Student Council

Advisor: Jennifer Ahearn. Amanda Montalvo, Thomas Larke

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Student Council will be holding virtual meetings. We will work to create student centered virtual events – such as spirit weeks and other activities as social distancing regulations allow. We look forward to continuing our video updates for the school community. As always, this club will take the student ideas and try to make them possible. Our council members are already thinking of great new ideas that we are looking forward to trying.
Classroom code: rs724e2
Meets virtually every Wednesday at 4:30 pm


Advisor: Danielle Roman, Laura Kiernan

[email protected], [email protected]
Yearbook Club will be holding virtual meetings to generate ideas for spreads and collecting pictures throughout this unique year. Members of the club will also practice creating mock templates using the Herff Jones yearbook program. Our yearbook representative will attend virtual meetings to teach students how to use the tools within the Herff Jones program.
Classroom code: oy5xp73
Meets virtually one Friday per month at 4:00 pm