MS students learn leadership skills at conference

on December 19, 2019

Members of the Middle School Student Council spent two days in Lake Placid, NY from November 24-26 at a conference sponsored by the NY State Council on Leadership and Student Activities. The 2019 theme of the annual conference was The Miracle of Leadership Lake Placid, a reference to the famous 1980 Olympic Hockey victory in Lake Placid by the US team over the then Soviet Union team, a win that was so unlikely it was called the Miracle on Ice. One of the activities conference attendees really enjoyed was an opportunity to skate on that famous hockey rink.

More importantly, they attended conference workshops and round table discussions designed to provide examples of inspirational leadership. Here are just a few of their take-aways:

    • We learned how to take other people’s ideas and use them to help reach our goal when leading.
    • We learned how to be confident with our ideas.
    • We learned the bad things about social media.
    • We learned the qualities that a good leader should have.
    • We got to share our ideas with other schools and they told us their ideas at the round tables.

Excellent lessons learned! Congratulations to the M-W representatives, and special congratulations to Chase Cassidy who received an award as an active student leader.