MWFITT Academy is here to teach you about Chromebooks and iPads

on August 12, 2020

As of this week, the district has distributed over 5,500 computers, either Chromebooks or iPads to help students prepare for school in September. Once the computer is in their hands, there is still a lot for students and families to learn. To help, MWCSD created MWFITT Academy, located on the INSPIRE page of the district website under Technology & Connectivity.

How will MWFITT Academy help?

Video lessons:
  • Videos in English and Spanish, designed for both Chromebooks and iPads, will allow you to work at your own pace. There is also a separate library of videos to help students who need accommodations to make their computers easier to use.
  • Additional videos being added daily
  • Step by step video instructions will take you from turning on the computer to joining Google Classroom and everything in between.
  • In case you get stuck, there is a link to the Student/Parent Online Help Request Form. Describe your problem and the Help Desk Staff will contact you with solutions.
In Person Online Question and Answer Sessions:

Once you have become familiar with the skills presented in the videos, join Online Question and Answer Sessions using Google Meet.

  • Sessions are offered in English and Spanish in the afternoon and evening beginning August 17 and ending on August 27. Check the MWFITT Academy page for dates and times.
  • Watch our district Technology Coaches as they demonstrate how to use a Chromebook or iPad, and have a chance to ask them questions.
  • Be sure to study the videos first for instructions on how to connect to the Google Meet.

If you have questions or concerns as you use the information on MWFITT Academy, please email: [email protected].

Get ready for an exciting school year!