MWHS students earn commendation from National Merit Scholarship Program

on November 5, 2020

Congratulations to those Monroe-Woodbury High School students who received a Letter of Commendation from the prestigious National Merit Scholarship Program (NMSP). Commended M-W students are among the approximately 50,000 PSAT high scorers nationwide who were recognized by the NMSP for their outstanding academic promise.


Two MWHS students who earned this impressive recognition shared some information about their interests, experience at M-W and thoughts on their future. Check it out!

Jason Pearson, MWHS Senior

Q:  What activities are you involved in?
A:  Music – all-state clarinetist, honors ensembles and president of the Wind Ensemble. I play baseball and am a part of the varsity team and a club team; a member of the math team; a tutor in an SAT Prep course; and a member of the three honor societies: National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society and Tri-M Music Honor Society. I am an associate at Banana Republic and I volunteer as a summer camp counselor and as part of the Souza Scholarship fund.

Q: What does receiving this commendation mean to you?
A: It is an honor to receive this commendation! It is a very rewarding feeling to be able to be recognized for my hard work, and I am happy to say that dedication has paid off so far. 

Q: What is your plan for the future?
A: I plan to attend a 4 year university and study business administration with a concentration in finance, and later pursue graduate studies to receive an MBA. 

Q: How has your M-W education prepared you for these next steps?
A: Being a part of M-W has allowed me to balance a challenging workload with a positive environment that has taught me valuable skills to succeed at higher education and beyond. Being a part of such an environment with a great staff has given me the ability to feel comfortable and never be afraid to look for guidance in whatever it may be. 

Q: What advice would you give younger students?
A: Keep working hard! Times have been very hard given the current COVID situation, but the best thing is to keep your head up and react well to adversity. The harder you work, the more doors you will open up for yourself and the easier it will be to put yourself on the right path. 

Charles Liu, MWHS Senior

Q: What activities are you involved in?
A: Currently, this is my fourth year in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA); Model UN; my third year in Chess Club; and my second year in Mock Trial, National Honor Society and French Honor Society. I hope this year will be my sixth season for varsity swimming. I also volunteer at the Fire Department and previously volunteered at the Ambulance Corp. I am also a member of the New York Sharks Aquatics Swim Club.

Q: What did receiving this commendation mean to you?
A: Receiving the Letter of Commendation feels satisfying. I used to struggle with school, especially during elementary school and part of middle school. I know it doesn’t hold too much weight, but it’s a good reminder of how far I’ve come as a student.

Q: What is your plan for the future?
A: I hope I have the opportunity to serve my country and maybe seek a career in the judicial system.

Q: How has your M-W education prepared you for these next steps?
A: I have learned a lot from my experience in Model UN. I became more aware of global issues and specific historical events. Overall, every club/sport has given me confidence to pursue my interests. In general, I am getting a sense of what is required of me for college with my AP/college courses.

Q: What advice would you give younger students?
A: Join clubs, care about school. There’s an increasing voice that says the system is against them. I don’t share such feelings. You can go a long way by doing something beyond the norm, beyond being only mediocre. You might have a tight schedule if you have a job or are taking care of a younger sibling but try, as much as you can, to make things work. This year, all clubs are pretty much entirely online, so it has never been easier to be a part of one.