PageDNA Information

PageDNA is an online print fulfillment system that will allow district users to request printed materials from the Machine Room at the Ed Center without sending forms and originals through round robin. Users can specify exactly what they need printed, upload their originals and get approval immediately. Note that PageDNA emails regarding orders will come from [email protected].

To log in, use the icon on the Staff Resources page:

logo for PageDNA online print order system

The opening screen is similar to the screen for SchoolDude.

screenshot of login page for PageDNA

To log in to PageDNA use:

  • Username: Your district email address
  • Password: district password

Helpful tips for submitting PageDNA print requests.

PLEASE NOTE: The PopUp Blocker on your browser (Chrome, Firefox etc.) must be TURNED OFF to upload documents to PageDNA for printing.

Take a look at the instructional video to see how to submit a Machine Room print order:

Monroe-Woodbury User Training Video

Questions or concerns? Contact Shannon Rehe in the Machine Room – [email protected]