Parking options for athletic events

on April 12, 2019

The district has been made aware that some M-W families, as well as visitors to our high school/middle school campus, may encounter difficulty parking for athletic events due to the major construction project on Routes 17/32. At this time there are limited parking options near the M-W field complex.

While the district continues to work with the NYS Department of Transportation to identify interim parking solutions, we offer the following parking options when visiting M-W for athletic events:

● For games on the fields behind M-W Middle School (Fields #14, 15, 16, 16A, 22 or 23), please park in the middle school parking lot.

● For games/matches on all other fields, park in the lower lot (#12) of M-W High School.

● If individuals are in need of assistance getting to the field, please contact the Security Office at 845-460-7000, extension 7035 (High School Safety Booth) to arrange for assistance.

● Please see map below for field and parking lot numbers.

We recognize this situation is not optimal and appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you!

Field map of Monroe-Woodbury athletic fields.