Remote Learning

Three Remote Models

Given the possibility that communities may experience spikes in COVID-19 cases at any point during the school year, which may prompt short or long-term school closures, our district has developed a hybrid/blended learning model and schedule that can continue as is in a fully remote environment. Parents will also be given the opportunity to choose a fully remote option for the first trimester/semester.

Instruction will not only focus on “core” subject areas to the exclusion of elective courses. Consideration has been given to prioritizing hands-on and lab-based activities while students are onsite in school buildings. All instruction will continue to be aligned to the New York State Learning Standards. As noted previously, student schedules will be similar whether instruction is in person or remote so that students do not encounter conflicts wherein synchronous lessons for different subjects are offered simultaneously.

Remote learning opportunities will include a greater emphasis on synchronous instruction, with teachers finding ways to provide live instruction and lessons to students. While recording of live lessons is still essential for students unable to attend at a scheduled time, teachers will ensure that their students are directly engaged with them and their class peers in experiential learning on a regular basis. As mentioned above, daily attendance is critical and required regardless of whether instruction is in person, remote, synchronous or asynchronous.

To ensure high-quality remote learning experiences, we will standardize the use of a single online learning platform, to the extent possible, and develop a common, coordinated set of guidelines for teachers to follow when using the platform with students. There are three different remote models that the district will utilize, Hybrid Remote, Fully Remote Option, and Fully Remote Closure.

Hybrid Remote

The hybrid remote model is the blended learning model that consists of both in person and remote learning opportunities for students. Students will attend school twice a week on a staggered schedule as outlined above. All students in this model will be fully remote on Mondays, and there will be no in person instruction. Visit the hybrid remote page for more information.

Fully Remote Option

The fully remote option is an opportunity being given to parents to choose for their children to be educated remotely at home rather than following the in person hybrid model. Following the request deadline, students will be rescheduled into remote only sections to every extent possible, resulting in hybrid classes and remote only classes.

The reason for this is students who are remote only will have direct synchronous live instruction from their teacher as opposed to streaming into the classroom and observing live instruction the hybrid teacher is doing with students physically present. However, there will be some instances where we do not have enough students to create a full remote section. Students in remote only sections will receive live synchronous learning via Google Meet. Students that choose the remote option that are placed in hybrid classes will have the opportunity to stream into the class (synchronous) being taught live by their teacher beginning October 19. They will also have the opportunity to learn asynchronously through work they will be given to do independently.

All Students Fully Remote
(school buildings are closed)

The fully remote closure model will be used during the first two weeks of the school year, prior to hybrid students returning in person. All students will follow this model for the first two weeks. This model will also be used in the event that classes, schools or the district is required to close and there will be no in person instruction.

In this model, the school day will follow a 8:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. schedule at the kindergarten/grade 1, a 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. schedule at the grade 2 through 5 and High School levels, and a 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. schedule at the Middle School. The day will consist of a rotation of live synchronous instruction being led by their teacher, and as mentioned above, your child’s school will provide greater detail on the specifics of the instruction schedule.

At the elementary level, the schedule will consist of a rotation of whole group and small group live lesson, and it will include lunch and special. The secondary level schedule will consist of a rotation of their previously scheduled periods.