Health checks

The district has developed resources to educate parents/guardians and staff members regarding the careful observation of symptoms of COVID-19 and health screening measures that must be conducted each morning before coming to school. The resources include the requirement for any student or staff member with a fever of 100°F or greater and/or symptoms of possible COVID-19 virus infection to not come to school. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) list of Coronavirus symptoms was used to develop these resources. 

The Monroe-Woodbury Central School District will implement the following practices to conduct mandated health screening:

MWCSD will be utilizing a daily COVID screening tool developed by Capital Region BOCES and the Northeastern Regional Information Center (NERIC) to screen staff and visitors. This screening tool will not collect individual health data of  staff and guests, only if they are cleared to enter our buildings. After completing the screening process, the district will be notified if a staff member or guest is not allowed to enter one of the district buildings. The link to the daily screening tool is:  https://entry.neric.org/monroewoodbury

MWCSD has chosen the SNAP Health Portal for the daily temperature checks and COVID re-entry screening for all students. Developed by promedsoftware.com, this allows parents/guardians to securely connect on any device – anytime, anywhere. Because we require this health information to be in a secure environment, each parent/guardian has a unique username and password. 

Management of ill persons

The district requires students, faculty, or staff members who develop COVID-19 symptoms during the school day to report to the nurse’s office. If there are several students waiting to see the school nurse, students must wait at least 6 feet apart. The district has designated areas to separate individuals with symptoms of COVID- 19 from others until they can go home or to a healthcare facility, depending on severity of illness. One area will be used to treat injuries, provide medications or nursing treatments, and the other area will be used for assessing and caring for ill students and staff. Both areas will be supervised by an adult and have easy access to a bathroom and sink with hand hygiene supplies.

There is a Nurse’s Office in each building that has a separate area for isolating ill students. Medication and other “well” visits are handled in a separate area.
PPE requirements for school health office staff caring for sick individuals includes both standard and transmission-based precautions. In areas with moderate to substantial community transmission, eye protection (e.g., goggles or face shield) should be added. When caring for a suspect or confirmed individual with COVID-19, gloves, a gown, eye protection, and a fit-tested N-95 respirator will be used, if available. If an N-95 respirator is not available, a surgical face mask and face shield will be used.

School health office cleaning will occur after each use of cots, bathrooms, and health office equipment (e.g., blood pressure cuffs, otoscopes, stethoscopes). Health office equipment will be cleaned following manufacturer’s directions.Disposable items will be used as much as possible (e.g., disposable pillow protectors, disposable thermometers, disposable thermometer sheaths or probes, disposable otoscope specula).

If Students or Staff become ill with Symptoms of COVID-19 at School

The district requires students or staff with a temperature, signs of illness, and/or a positive response to the questionnaire to be sent directly to a dedicated isolation area where students are supervised, prior to being picked up or otherwise sent home. Students will be supervised in the isolation area while awaiting transport home and will be separated by at least 6 feet. Students will be escorted from the isolation area to their parent/guardian. Students or staff will be referred to a healthcare provider and provided resources on COVID-19 testing

In the event that a large-scale testing will need to be conducted at the school, the district, administration will work with the Orange County Department of Health and Commissioner of Health Dr. Gelman. When appropriate, the school district will share pertinent information with parents/legal guardians, faculty, staff, students and the local community via the district’s communication channels including email and the district website.

Return to School after Illness

The district has established protocols and procedures, in consultation with the local health department(s), about the requirements for determining when individuals, particularly students, who screened positive for COVID-19 symptoms can return to the in-person learning environment at school. This protocol includes:

  • Documentation from a health care provider following evaluation:
  • Negative COVID-19 diagnostic test result
  • Symptom resolution, or if COVID-19 positive, release from isolation
  • The district will refer to DOH’s “Interim Guidance for Public and Private Employees Returning to Work Following COVID-19 Infection or Exposure” regarding protocols and policies for faculty and staff seeking to return to work after a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 or after the faculty or staff member had close or proximate contact with a person with COVID-19.

The district requires that individuals who were exposed to the COVID-19 virus complete quarantine and have not developed symptoms before returning to in-person learning. The discharge of an individual from quarantine and return to school will be conducted in coordination with the local health department.

COVID-19 Testing

In the event that a large-scale testing will need to be conducted at the school, the district administration will work with the following provider: Orange County Department of Health, Dr. Gelman, Commissioner. When appropriate, the school district will share pertinent information with parents/legal guardians, faculty, staff, students and the local community via the district’s communication channels.