Project Love promotes collaboration, creativity among NM students

on March 6, 2019

When Mrs. Besimer served as a leave replacement in Mrs. DeMattos’ fifth grade classroom earlier this school year, she had students respond to the writing prompt: “My favorite spot in North Main.”

Fast forward several months and now Mrs. Besimer has a second grade class at North Main. In collaboration with Mrs. DeMattos, they decided to use this writing exercise as a way to bring the school’s oldest and youngest students together. After all, who doesn’t have a favorite spot at North Main?

During Valentine’s Day week, Mrs. Besimer brought her second graders to Mrs. DeMattos’ classroom for support with the writing prompt. First, the second graders worked with the older students to brainstorm ideas. They completed a graphic organizer on the second day and transferred the information into paragraph form on the third day. On the fourth and final day, students worked on an art project together. Throughout the week, Mrs. DeMattos’ fifth graders worked side-by-side as mentors to the younger students.

The fun didn’t stop there! During the fifth graders’ writing block, students added to and improved their original pieces first created in September. When completed, they shared their writing pieces with the second grade buddies to model how writing skills will evolve as the students learn to add details, expand on concepts and more.

“The students loved working with each other. They worked so well together and were all able to grow as writers. When they see each other in the halls, they greet each other with hugs and high fives. It is so nice to see this type of bond between younger and older students,” said Mrs. Besimer.