PTSA announces Student Leadership Committee members

on September 10, 2020

The High School PTSA created the Student Leadership Committee with a number of goals:

  1. To provide a new perspective by having their voices heard through student involvement on PTSA goals, programs, planning, and implementation.
  2. To increase awareness about the strength in many voices that can bring about positive changes.
  3. To provide feedback on the effectiveness of PTSA programs and events.
  4. To help adults and students work together and understand each other better.
  5. To prepare students to do as good a job as adults when given opportunity and training. To give PTSA a new, young, energetic volunteer force, as students learn leadership skills. To train students to become better informed citizens by introducing them to the legislative process and various legislative activities.
  6. To provide a foundation for a lifelong desire to serve and appreciate the value of volunteering.

The SLC is made up of 2 students each from the Classes of 2022, 2023 and 2024 plus 8 students from the Class of 2021. Of the eight members, 5 will  serve on the All Night Graduation Party Committee.

The Student Leadership Committee will work alongside the HS PTSA Executive Board to plan and conduct PTSA meetings, participate in planning M-W Goes Gold, Red Ribbon Week, Light it up Blue and other PTSA events. They will also attend BLC meetings with the High School administration. Those on the All Night Graduation Party Committee will be involved in all phases of planning that event.

The students named to the SLC are:

Class of 2024 – James Nicoli and Jenna Abuzaina

Class of 2023 – Jules Johanneman and Liam Gaffney

Class of 2022 – Derek Li and Alana Grant

Class of 2021

PTSA student members: Allison Ampel, Daniel Luo and Emma Bernstein

ANGP student members: Mackenzie Smith, Marian Welch, Brian Whitfield, Sarah Mednick and Kathryn Szynkowski

* Note that additional students were selected for both the PTSA and ANGP because of tied scores in the selection rubric. Originally there were to be only 5 members of the Class of 2021.

Congratulations to all these students. We are excited to all get to work to provide more student voices in the high school.