Raise money for families in need? Wear a tutu? Done and done!

on November 6, 2017

When North Main students were on their way to school this particular Friday, there were surprise greeters eagerly anticipating their arrival.

Students were challenged to raise $3,000 for families in need and when they exceeded their goal, building administrators held up their end of the bargain. North Main Principal Joe Coto and Assistant Principal Roger Davis donned colorful tutus and waited for the buses to arrive.

“These kids are amazing,” said Mr. Coto. “They set out to achieve a goal, and they surpassed it! Because of their efforts, North Main will be able to help local families in need. I am happy to wear a tutu if it means families will get much-needed assistance.”

Mr. Coto and Mr. Davis greeted students as they exited their buses, most of them joking and laughing, many offering high fives. Then the good natured administrators took to the hallways to ensure all NM students had the chance to glimpse them in their finery. They even threw in a pirouette or two, and while they may not have scored well at a dance competition, the students gave them a 10 for effort!

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