Response from Superintendent Rodriguez to Supervisor Frank Palermo

on August 14, 2020

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As Superintendent of Schools for the Monroe-Woodbury Central School District, I do not typically respond directly to social media posts. Today, however, I am making an exception due to the recent Facebook post by Town of Woodbury Supervisor Frank Palermo’s. I am disappointed that Mr. Palermo feels that social media is the most effective way to communicate with fellow community leaders.

As a school district, we prioritize the safety and well being of M-W staff, students and families above all else. We are 100 percent committed to the presence of School Resource Officers in each of our seven school buildings. Our commitment to this program remains unwavering and will continue districtwide for the 2020-2021 school year.

At no time did the school district break its contract with the Town of Woodbury. Unfortunately the unprecedented events caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic led to the premature closing of our schools, which meant the district no longer required SROs in our school buildings. The school district paid expenses related to the full time Woodbury SRO and planned to continue conversations regarding a new contract prior to the start of the school year.

Mr. Palermo has requested a meeting to discuss this matter further. I will always put the needs of our families and community first and will, in good faith, meet with him to determine if we can craft a mutually agreeable arrangement for the upcoming school year.

I want to assure M-W families that there will be an SRO in each school building when students and staff return.


Elsie Rodriguez
M-W Superintendent of Schools

Posted to the Monroe-Woodbury Facebook page on August 14, 2020