Sojourner Truth Awards presented to outstanding M-W students

on March 16, 2017

students and Assistant Principals at Sojourner Truth awardsFor the past twenty-seven years, Orange County Community College has honored Sojourner Truth by holding an awards ceremony in her name. The program is named in honor of Sojourner Truth, who lived in the mid-Hudson Valley region after escaping from slavery. Ms. Truth is hailed as one of the most distinguished and highly-regarded women of the nineteenth century. This ceremony recognizes the achievements of deserving Orange County youth in the areas of Athletics, Citizenship, Creative Arts, Diversity, English Language Arts, Foreign Languages, Mathematics, Perseverance/Effort, Sciences and Technology.

At this year’s Sojourner Truth Awards Program, held at SUNY Orange on Friday, March 10, twenty M-W High School and twenty-eight M-W Middle School students were recognized for their accomplishments.

Congratulations to these outstanding students! #crusaderpride

Monroe-Woodbury High School

Serena Abuirshid Grace Cruz-Allegro Jaimie Polanco
Angelina Acosta Rey Flores Brenda Rodriguez
Nicol Alejo Gomez Erika Gordiano Adam Roman
Monique Bindler Alexis Jeanty Nicolena Vega
Benedict Brafi Andrew Jemison Rylee Velez
Miranda Caleigh Mathew Morales Lizabeth Verdejo Hernandez
Angelis Carrero Angelica Padilla

Monroe-Woodbury Middle School

Ahmad Abuirshid Daphne Davila Imanol Hernandez Raely Rodriquez
Camron David Adams Adriana Diaz Christelle Jiminez DeLaleu Natalia Romero
Jade Andrew Kayla Felix Stephanie Kwong Geraldine Romero Martinez
Darwin Benavides Naya Flores Omar Lawrence Chloe Saldanha
Tori Bennett Adailton Flores Mendoza Sofia Morales Camila Sanchez
Janice Caguana Kaitlin Flores Toribio Justin Quinones Misael Soto
Grace Celaya Zachary Friedman Cesar Ramos Bazan Rachel Wassef

Student winners of the Sojourner Truth awards


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