Absence Management – formerly Aesop

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Absence Management is an online system designed to match teacher and teaching assistant openings with appropriate substitutes. Teachers and teaching assistants simply input absences into the system and available substitutes log in to find openings on any given day. Among its features is the option to attach lesson plans or other documents directly to the absence listing, providing the substitute with as much classroom planning as possible.  The Absence Management mobile app makes the entire process convenient to use from any location.

The district believes that creating this online schedule of openings, as most Orange County districts already have, improves the pool of available substitutes by allowing them to plan when and where they will work.

To see how Absence Management works, please take a few moments to view these brief videos:

Employee Web Basics – explains the features of Absence Management (4 minutes)

Using Absence Management Mobile – demonstrates the use of the Absence Management mobile app (3 minutes)

Employee Web Advanced Training – provides further details on using additional features of Absence Management (5 1/2 minutes)


When will the system be operational?

Absence Management will launch on Monday, December 12.
Teachers may begin listing planned absences on or after December 12. With the obvious exception of sudden illness, listing absences as far in advance as possible is encouraged.

A direct link to Absence Management will be provided in the grid on Staff Resources, linking to the site: www.aesoponline.com

How and when will training be provided?

The training links above should provide answers to most questions.

If you have further questions, please contact Human Resources – 845-460-6210