Teacher-Student Roster Verification/BEDS Reporting

The  Annual Professional Performance Review legislation requires school districts to report enrollment data for all classroom teachers and building principals.  This data includes information that links teachers to students they teach, as well as course beginning and ending dates and duration times.  Similarly, this data also includes information that links principals to students enrolled in programs they supervise, as well as the linkage beginning and ending dates.  The Teacher-Student Data Linkage will be used to meet Federal and State requirements.

Because of the complexity and importance of this data, NYSED requires that both teachers and principals be involved in data verification efforts.  There are two types of information that must be reviewed:

  • Basic Roster Information (students who are linked to a specific teacher with beginning and ending dates)
  • Linkage Duration (the total time in minutes each student was linked to the specific teacher)

The accuracy of the Teacher-Student Roster Verification Report depends upon information that has been entered and stored in PowerSchool.  The data in the report is refreshed weekly by NYSED based on corrections that have been made in PowerSchool the previous week.


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Completing the Teacher-Student Roster Verification Form

You will need to complete the Teacher-Student Roster Verification Form below.
Please note that using this form will require you to:

  1. enter your Google password
  2. make a copy of the form
  3. use the dropdown under File and click Rename
  4. RENAME the form using: Your_Name_Roster_Verification_Form

When completed, SHARE the form with Kristin Randhare ([email protected])

2018-19 Teacher-Student Roster Verification Form

FAQ About Teacher-Student Roster Verification

The HELP links below should assist in resolving questions:

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