Bookshare for Staff

How to Download Bookshare Books for Students

  1. Sign-in to Bookshare at using your sponsor user name and password.
    • User name is your Monroe Woodbury email.
    • If you forgot your password, click “forgot password” to re-set.

    Bookshare login page

  2. Select “My Reading Lists” then “Create Reading List”Bookshare Create Reading list screen
  3. Give reading list a “Name” and then click “Save”Bookshare screen to Create Reading List
  4. Add Members by clicking on Add Members and check all students on list to add. Scroll to bottom and click “Add Selected Members”.Bookshare screen to add students to reading list
  5. Click Titles and then enter Book title or ISBN# in top search bar.Bookshare screen to enter titles to reading list
  6. Click add to reading listBookshare screen to save titles to reading list
  7. Select Reading List and click “Add”Bookshare screen showing Add toReading List dropdown