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Collated  vs. Uncollated

All print shop jobs will be printed collated unless otherwise specified.  Collated means that the pages will be printed in sequential order.  If a job has 4 originals and you want a quantity of 3 copies, it will be printed as follows:

If you would like your job uncollated you will need to specify that in the comment section.  The job mentioned above, if requested to be uncollated, would now be printed grouped as follows:

Pages vs. Sheets

A sheet of paper has two sides — the front and the back. If you print on both sides of the sheet then you have two pages — the front is page one, the back is page two.  A sheet folded in half is actually a four page document.

Black & White vs. Color Copies

When selecting black & white or color copies, we are referring to the ink on the paper, not the paper itself.  All ink can be put on white or colored paper.  However, not all colors of paper are available in all sizes of paper.  Color copies are significantly more expensive than black & white copies so please be sure only to select color copies if that is what you really need!



Other Tips:

  • Use the comment section to provide any information that may be helpful to the print shop,
  • Make sure your document is a “pdf” before you attempt to upload it,
  • Anything that needs to be staple together should be requested under the “booklets” tab,
  • The “saddle stitch” option should be used for any type of folded and stapled booklet, such as a concert program,
  • “Chipboard” is what we use to create the bottom of a pad,
  • PTA requests should be going through the building principals,
  • If you do not see a color option for your paper it is because we do not have it in our inventory,
  • Be sure to complete all fields with accuracy, especially if the request is related to “Common Core”
  • Be sure that the # of originals you specify in your request matches the # of pages in the PDF that you uploaded!

We are here to help!  Please email any questions, concerns and/or comments to