For parents/guardians: Please review student schedule Q&A

on March 11, 2021

Below are some questions the school district has received from parents and guardians related to student schedules for the remainder of the school year. We thought it may be helpful as you finalize your decisions.

If you have questions specific to your child’s school, please contact your building principal.

Thank you!

Questions & Answers related to Student Schedules

Q: Is there DOH information available that tracks percentages of transmission in communities that have gone back to school in this manner? Particularly, have we looked at the data where students have less than 6 feet of social distance and are in more densely packed school spaces? It would be helpful to understand the data about transmission in schools that are currently set up like this vs. what we’ve seen so far in the district this year.
A: There is not a chart that we can point to; however, there are several schools in Long Island that have been using mitigation measures, including barriers and masks. For example: Wantagh, Massapequa, Long Wood, Bethpage and Happauge are in person five days a week.

Q: If the spacing relaxes to 3 feet, what impact does that have on the number of students quarantining if there is an exposure?
A: More students could be quarantined since they would be considered a direct contact (less than 6 feet for more than 10 minutes). We await further guidance from the state.

Q: What is the percentage of M-W staff who are vaccinated currently?
A: We have administered a survey districtwide and 675 district employees have responded to date. Of these responses, approximately 60% indicated that they are fully vaccinated or have received one vaccine.

Q: What happens if the 6 feet ruling doesn’t relax? Will we be able to fully bring back students into the classroom with those regulations?
A: If the six feet rule is not relaxed, we will use several mitigation measures, such as masks, barriers, use of outdoor spaces and open windows. Each school will make preparations that best meet the needs of their students and staff.

Q: Is there a mid-level option besides full time back in and fully remote that could mitigate some of the concerns of increased density? If the community has a spike, will this new approach roll back to remote?
A: We believe the most effective approach is to provide two options (in-person five days a week or fully remote). We will continue to monitor case levels at the county level, as well as at the building level, to ensure that we are proceeding safely.

Q: For fully remote students, what will be the accommodation for their learning if their class is not live streaming?
A: All students who choose remote instruction will be able to livestream into their classroom. However, if there is an issue at a particular building, the principal will reach out to families.

Q: I understand that fully remote students can still participate in sports teams. I’d like to confirm that.
A: Yes. If anyone has a particular question, please reach out to Lori Hock, M-W athletic director, at [email protected] She can also be reached at 845-460-7000, ext 7045.