Students host Voter Registration Drive at HS

on May 10, 2018

Last week, students Sanjana Shashikumar and Natalie Davidson hosted a Voter Registration Drive in the High School. They invited all seniors and juniors turning 18 this year to register to vote at a booth set up outside the cafeteria.

Alongside teachers from the HS Social Studies and English Departments and other student volunteers, they discussed with students how to make their voices heard as active citizens and participants in government. Between the students who registered this past month within their government classes, those who registered recently on their own, and everyone who participated in the Registration Drive last week, a total of more than 200 Monroe-Woodbury students are now registered to vote!

Sanjana, Natalie, and everyone who helped with this drive hope that Voter Registration Week becomes a tradition so that every year students are provided with the opportunity to register, and are encouraged to be active members in the community and lifelong voters.

  • Students register to vote during Voter Registration Drive at the high school.