Summer facility use opens June 28, by permit only

on June 9, 2021

Athletics headerJune 9, 2021


Dear Members of the MW Community,

MONROE-WOODBURY FIELDS WILL BE OPEN for the summer beginning June 28. All field use requires a permit. Permit requests must be made via the online facility scheduler, which is now open. Here is the link again to help you with the requesting process. This information is also available on our district website (click “community” then “use of facilities” at the bottom of the page)

Important Reminders:

  • Only requests for June 28-30, July and August will be considered at this time.
  • Monday-Friday: Fields will be open 4pm-8pm. TURF fields (#1, #3 and #12) will ONLY be available 5:30-pm-7:30pm.
  • Saturday and Sunday: Fields will be open 8am-6pm. TURF fields will only be available for two sessions: 8:00-10:00am and 10:15am – 12:15pm.
  • The fifteen minute buffer between sessions is in place so that two groups don’t overlap and have time to exit and enter the field.
  • Tennis Courts and Track are open to the community when not in use by the district.
  • Booster Club day camp requests will be considered if proper insurance and paperwork are submitted
  • All groups will be charged an application fee of $25. There will be no additional costs for the use of grass fields. However, there will be a $35 per hour cost for the use of turf fields.
  • NO INDOOR USE OF BUILDINGS WILL BE PERMITTED at this time. We will keep you updated if this changes.
  • Bathrooms will be open at the main turf field on the school side of the home bleachers. These will be the only bathrooms available.
  • Groups are expected to CLEAN UP AFTER THEMSELVES and leave the space as you found it.
  • Please make sure your insurance is updated and meets district requirements.

Turf Rules:

When using the turf fields, please adhere to the following rules:

  • No food, no seeds, no gum
  • Water only. No other beverages are permitted
  • Chairs are not permitted on the turf
  • You may not use any equipment that penetrates the surface of the turf (staked corner flags, for example)
  • No metal spikes
  • Do not drag anything across the turf
  • Cleats MAY NOT be worn when crossing the track to enter Field #3

Thank you for your work with our students and your support of the district. We appreciate your patience this spring. Our interscholastic sports season required much more time and space due to the altered timeline and ever changing schedules.  We are excited to invite our community back to the main campus. Enjoy your summer and please reach out if you have any questions!


Lori J. Hock
Director of Athletics