Supt. Message regarding district loss

on April 18, 2018

It is with a heavy heart that I share the news that Kelsey Berger has lost her fight with cancer and passed away yesterday, April 17. Kelsey’s beautiful smile and tireless spirit have left a footprint on our hearts. She will be forever missed. Her courage and strength have served as a beacon of hope for our community and have united us in love.

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. and Mrs. Berger and their entire family at this difficult time. I recognize the weeks ahead will be hard ones for our Monroe-Woodbury community, especially our Smith Clove family. We are here to support each other; we will honor this beautiful girl’s spirit with kindness and love.


Elsie Rodriguez
Superintendent of Schools

Mr. and Mrs. Berger have posted a message to their friends and community members on the Kelsey Krusaders Facebook page, which I have shared below.

Message from Lisa and Chris Berger

April 17, 2018

We’re absolutely heartbroken to share that Kelsey passed away earlier today. While we are completely shattered by this and try to figure out how to move forward with such a hole in our heart, we take comfort in knowing that she is no longer in pain. We choose to remember her for who she was; the most selfless and compassionate little girl, who had an infectious smile and a spirit that was loved by so many. We’ll remember her for her bravery and strength, which was remarkable. She took everything cancer could throw at her and kept going. She endured pain that would have hampered the toughest adult. She found energy and perseverance with each draining treatment. She maintained a positive outlook and an upbeat attitude every step of the way, because that’s who Kelsey was.

We’d like to thank all of her Krusaders and supporters for everything they have done for Kelsey and our family over the past 14+ months. The lip dub video, the Kelsey’s Krusaders T-Shirts, the homes and businesses lit up in pink, the chalk messages at Sheafe and everything in between, truly gave her strength.

At this time, we ask you to continue to keep Kelsey in your prayers and to please respect our family’s privacy as we begin to plan private arrangements for Kelsey.

Thank you again for all your love and support,

Chris & Lisa

She’s in the sun,
The wind, the rain.
She’s in the air
you breathe
with every breath
you take.
She sings a song
Of hope and cheer,
There’s no more pain,
No more fear.
You’ll see her in
The clouds above,
Hear her whisper
Words of love.
You’ll be together
Before long, until then
Listen for her song.

-Christy Ann Martine