The LEAD Conference is now in full swing

on February 4, 2017

During the day Saturday, there were three workshop sessions.  Students and staff chose various workshops to attend.  Some of the group attended “Discovering Your Leadership Potential”.  In this workshop, “participants explored various leadership styles as well as learning how these styles can be employed successfully as they navigate student leadership at their respective schools.  Participants will identify leadership characteristics, traits, and their ‘style,’ as well as craft their own leadership philosophy.”  Others attended, “Dealing with Authority Figures.”  This workshop asked, “Have you ever spoken to your principal about changing a school rule? Have you ever lost a cell phone and had to ask your parents for another one?”  This workshop will help the participant strategize, discuss and practice skills for these and other situations.  After dinner, there will be another General Session for the group to attend.

Still more to come, keep checking back!!